LED display application integrated solution provider


Successful experiences have earned us a high reputation in the domestic and foreign markets. The international advanced service level and the domestic quality production level have successfully provided mature LED products for many government organs and large enterprises in china and abroad.
Professional team
Years of professional LED production and development team, with a number of advanced, precision production lines​
The high quality
All products have passed the industry standard test, with perfect quality assurance
Diligently  productive
Seriously and efficiently provide the best service for every customer and promote the benign development of products
About Dazhi Optoelectronic

We are DaZhi optoelectronic where locates in Longhua district Shenzhen,we are an awarding-winning Chinese manufacturer specializing in innovative display solutions. Established over 10 years ago, our unique range of audiovisual screens, interactive touch products has been specified on projects for some of the world's leading brands. Our specialists gave technical supports to Beijing Olympic games, Shanghai world expo, Chinese new year party etc. We are the pioneer of the solutions for High definition LED display and transparent LED display. We are a technology driven factory and we believe that technology could drive the world and makes the world more prosperous.



Not only is the LED display screen, it makes you feel relieved to use it

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Your dream We display Dazhi LED


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